The objective of SoFE

‘SoFE - European Social & Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur’ is a training and incubation platform for existing and future sustainable and ethical fashion entrepreneurs in Europe. SoFE’s objective is to provide an experimental pedagogical program for the training of fashion entrepreneurs in the skills, knowledge and networking needed to augment their chances of success.

SoFE offer

Using attractive and effective action learning and e‑learning methodologies on co‑creation and entrepreneurship skills it aims to stimulate the required 21st century skills for the development of innovative, creative, environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and ethical, globally competitive, actively networked and financially sound fashion and creative industry enterprises.

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We are excited to introduce the ‘SoFE - European Social & Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur’ project! The main objective of SoFE is to train the prospective and existing fashion entrepreneurs in acquiring a new competitive advantage that will position them in the ethical fashion industry.

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How it started?

Fiori, Elena and Kim met during the design of an incubation programme for empowering women as social innovators running in Croatia, Greece, Spain and Switzerland. They realised they shared a common vision concerning acting against human trafficking and the pollution of the environment caused by the fashion industry.

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Who is it for?

The perfect candidates for this programme are fashion entrepreneurs or professionals who are already running their cooperative business and want to make a change by creating value for society. Apply today to benefit from our 100% Sponsorship of your Tuition Fees.


Best practices SoFE


Co‑Shop offers shelf‑space to designers committed to local production. Nieves Torres Ayala, the founder of Co‑Shop - an engineer gone local fashion entrepreneur - has the vision that local production can ensure that working conditions adhere to a European standard of fair working conditions and environmental restrictions.


MTS - Moves to Slow Fashion

Moves to Slow Fashion (MTS) is an online platform for sustainable fashion and was the first of its kind in Spain. MTS has the objective to demonstrate that fashion and ethical and responsible consumer choices are compatible.


SoFE aims

This programme aims to train you on how to become a Social and Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur; on how to turn into a co‑creator and collaborator for change in the fashion industry. We expect you to learn the Needed Strategies that drive Success in the Ethical Fashion Industry; these being Aesthetics, Curation, Commingling, and Spacing. We expect you to acquire the Entrepreneurial Skills to perform these strategies, these being various collaborative leadership skills, networking and alliance building skills, social embeddedness skills, social innovation skills, and fashion business skills. You will be trained on how to co‑create and collaborate and will interact with change makers in fashion from London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Athens and Lodz. In the end of the programme you will have learnt how to use sustainable materials, upcycling and other processes in fashion design, how to manage your supply chains, how to use the new technology to grow your business, how to integrate people from excluded groups, how to create positive impact through your activities, and various other skills and techniques.

SoFE results will include:

  • A COLLECTION OF BEST‑PRACTICE CASES from five European countries, ranging from co‑creation and collaborative practices for social and sustainable fashion entrepreneurs, to insight into the most important skills for entrepreneurial success in social and sustainable fashion.


  • The SoFE E‑LEARNING PLATFORM, providing innovative courses for Social & Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurs.


Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union