How it started?

Fiori, Elena and Kim met during the design of an incubation programme for empowering women as social innovators running in Croatia, Greece, Spain and Switzerland. They realised they shared a common vision concerning acting against human trafficking and the pollution of the environment caused by the fashion industry. Their tools were education and social entrepreneurship, and empowering those most in need in Europe. George, Eric, Marta and Manon had the same worries, they heard about their cause and joined the team to help deliver this change. Orsola and Carry, the founders of Fashion Revolution global movement, fighting for transparency in the global fashion supply chains, also joined SoFE. They all had the necessary skills, being successful and recognised for their work in their fields. That is how the SoFE project was created initially in Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the UK. Many more individuals and well esteemed organisations have joined forces, such as the Ethical Fashion Forum and Impact Hub Athens, who have partnered with SoFE.




Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union