SoFE Promotions

An event organized to spotlight women who are making a change. Keynote speaker was Kim Poldner on the topic of sustainable fashion thereby mentioning SoFE as one of her current activities.

The International Conference of TCBL, the European Union funded project that aims to transform the Textile & Clothing sector,took place in Athens with the participation of SOFE hub. The main theme of TCBL's annual meeting was "Sustainable Production and Consumption in Textiles and Clothing". two days of discussions on sustainability, eco-production, digital heritage, short runs.

The Symposium organized by student associations focused on circular fashion as an opportunity to improve sustainability in the fashion industry. Kim Poldner, as a representative of SoFE, moderated the event in which students, professors and experts from the fashion industry actively engaged in a fish bowl format.

During June, SoFE participants were in the TCDL Athens Laboratory, participated in the 4day introductory course on product design Cad Systems.

The movie night and clothing swap organized by student associations was organized around the topic of sustainable fashion. Students could bring unwanted clothes and swap them for items from other people who had brought clothes. During the movie night several documentaries were shown giving an impression of issues in the fashion industry. After the movies, there was a Q&A with experts from the fashion industry Roosmarie Ruigrok and Kim Poldner who represented SoFE.

The authenticitys summit invited people from Education, Travel and Fashion to join converstaions about the next economy and beghavioural shifts. Key-note's offered general views on trends impacting accross all industries, while work-shop sessions invited participants to break out into smaller groups according to their industry interest and experience. SOFE rann all fashion related activities.

Biocultura is Spain's largest congress on sustainable living. The event hosts producers and brands of organic food, natural cosmetics and sustainabale fashion. Planeta Moda, the sustainable fashion sub-organizer of Bio Cultura invited us to speak about the proyect and learnings in one of their workshop sessions.

During Fashion Revolution Week we organized a number of multiplier events to children and adults in Athens,in Thessaloniki, in Alexandroupoli and in Lesvos on sustainable and socially inclusive fashion. Incuding awareness raising events, upcycling workshops, swap bazzars, children theater, meet the maker, book swap, children workshops on upcycling training, movie screenings, waver corner, Dj sets. Brands and designers who shares the ethics and values of sustainable fashion as well as artists inspired by fashion revolution participated in the events. Various events both for children and adults with numerous partenrs like TOM'S, Ethnological Museum Of Evros, Art of Silk Museum, TCBL. SOFFA presented SOFE program.

The conference was a part of Design Festival organized annually in Lodz, dedicated to fashion entrepreneurs, The conference consisted of presentations and case studies in the themes of sale, product, marketing and thematic workshops.

Fashion Revolution Day we organised a number of multiplier events to children and adults in Athens, in Thessaloniki and in Alexandroupoli on sustainable and socially inclusive fashion. Including awareness raising events, Street Fashion Show, upcycling training, swap bazaars, children theaters, Action Aid Movie on Rana Plaza accident. Various events both for children and adults with numerous partners like Action Aid Hellas, Fair trade Hellas, TOM’S, Ethnological Museum of Evros and various sustainable designers

The festival takes place annually at Technical University of Lodz. In frames of it there are organized numerous lectures, workshops, shows, presentations, concerts and other events. SOFE project was presented on one of festival conferences "Business with human face".

XIV edition of Fashion Week Poland gathered famous representatives of fashion branch and trends amateurs from all the world. The event is succesfully organized twice a year in Lodz and each edition attracts great attention from the fashion world.

Sewing workshop in Lavrio Refugee Camp. It was filmed by the Swiss director Daphne Bengoa and it will be broadcasted worldwide in international festivals. The story of SOFFA and the SOFE e-leirning program were presented in this documentary.

The international workshop was focused on empowering creativity, communication and managing emotions. This workshop is part of a long process, where an international team of storytellers, clowns and expression counselors are working together to find and develop methods to empower adults to discover and build on their creativity to reach a level where one can fully be aware of her/his potential and come up with innovative ideas, refresh professionally, personally.

Fashion for Good builds eco-systems to foster circular fashion business models thereby bringing together entrepreneurs, corporates and impact investors. We disseminated SoFE amongst the main actors working in sustainable fashion who were present at the launch party: from C&A Foundation to Cradle 2 Cradle founder Bill McDonough

This workshop was directed at SOFE participants and those potentially interested in joining the programme. We ran sessions on creating customer personas and adapting your branding, story-telling and online-presence to their needs. We provided the participants with one-on-one mentoring regarding their go-to-market strategy, marketing and sales. We invited SOFE participants, and other (sustainable) fashion entrepreneurs from the barcelona eco-system.

The Youth Speak Forum powered by AIESEC is an event that aims to enhance the inspiration and collaboration of young people and encourage them to take action! It aims to connect young people with people from the business and academic world, trigger discussions and ultimately create projects that address world-wide and / or local social issues. SOFFA was presented as an example of social entrepreneurship. SOFE HUB was also presented describing the connection between social entrepreneurship and ethical and sustainable fashion.

Article at introducing the SoFE e-learning program "How to be Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur". Various learning methods, such as online mentoring sessions, e-handbooks, sustainable fashion workshops, were presented. Furthermore, the readers were informed about the contest and the SOFE Sustainable Fashion Awards.

Kim Poldner's green wardrobe was on exhibit during 6 weeks on the Wageningen campus. It received quite some visibility and through it many people got to know about SoFE.

The conference hosted representatives of schools and universities with fashion profile, clothing and textile industries. The focus of the conference was to discuss issue of development of the fashion industry in Lodz area by improving qualifications of fashion sector workers.

In this interview the social and environmental impact of fashion industry were presented live in Skai National TV Channel. The issues of modern slavery, forced labor and environmental pollution were addressed in relation with the industry of fashion. We invited people in Greece to join our SoFE 5-month e-learning programme in order to learn how to be ethical and sustainable fashion entrepreneurs.

Under the project Textile & Clothing Business Labs (TCBL), the EVETAM and Manufacturers Association of Clothing organized a conference during the Athens fashion trade show 27-30 / 1/2017, entitled "SUSTAINABILITY, ETHICAL MANUFACTURING & SUSTAINABLE FASHION". The example of SOFFA was presented describing the connection between ethical manufacturing and sustainable fashion. Also, the SoFE tarining program was introduced to the audience as well as the curriculum on how to be an ethical and sustainable fashion entrepreneur.

Interview at Daily Newspaper Sunday News ‘Kathimeirni’ where SOFFA-Social Fashion Factory and SoFE program were presented. The Fashion Industry is the second polluter after the oil industry and ranks second in people being enslaved. Also awareness actions of the environmental and social issues caused by fashion business were discussed. The e-learning programme on how to be an ethical and sustainable fashion entrepreneur was introduced to the readers.

Biocultura is Spain's largest congress on sustainable living. The event hosts producers and brands of organic food, natural cosmetics and sustainabale fashion. Planeta Moda, the sustainable fashion sub-organizer of Bio Cultura invited us to speak about the proyect and learnings in one of their workshop sessions.

Interview at ERT Radio Channel National Broadcaster in Greece. In this interview, SOFFA and SOFE e-learning program were presented. The fashion Industry has a profound social and ecological impact. Alternative ways on how fashion production can be more sustainable were discussed. We invited fashion entrepreneurs who want to engage to ethical and sustainable fashion business to join our SoFE e-learning programme.

Interview at describing Fashion Revolution events 2017 and SOFE e-learing program about Sustaianble and Social Fashion Entrepreneurs. A short description of the events was presented as well as the story behind the creation of fashion revolution movement. The SoFE program was introduced to fashion entrepreneurs who want to build a sustainable fashion business in regards to the economy, environment and society.

Interview at where SOFFA and SOFE e-learning program about social and sustainable fashion entrepreneurs were presented. The need for transparency in the fashion industry is emphasized through the fashion revolution movement and the actions of SOFFA-Social Fashion Factory. A greater awareness and education are needed regarding the negative impact of fashion industry on the environment and the society. The SoFE e-learning program educates prospective fashion entrepreneurs the ways to apply ethics and sustainablility in their fashion businesses.

Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union