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Eva Kalogeropoulou is the Creative Director, involved in design as well as the research of sustainable fabrics, materials and practices. Member of SOFFA – Social Fashion Factory involved in resourcing and design. Eva has studied pattern making and she also holds a BSc in Product Design and an MSc in Interactive Multimedia with many years of experience in the automotive, travel and software sectors respectively. Previously she was a member of the managing board for five years in ‘Biocals’ her family business, producing components and accessories, involved in Design, Production Control & Client Services. For the past six years she is also part of two businesses in Athens, both in the food and drink sector.

BAGISM is a sustainable and ethical Bags line based in Athens that currently focuses exclusively on locally producing hand crafted bags. BAGISM was founded on the principles of Sustainability. All practices are ethical and all materials are Oeko-tex certified. All fabrics are sustainable, recycled or recyclable and/or Fair Trade. Following the principles of Zero Waste Design the company introduces a crucial sustainable fashion design approach.

BAGISM generates awareness and sends a strong message to consumers to choose quality versus quantity, choose slow fashion instead of fast fashion and consume responsively, buy less and choose well. We urge our customers to change their views and habits and to join us in taking action to Make the world a better place and be part of the fashion revolution.

For the past few months I am in the process of completing the online course in Sustainable fashion Business Studies. Due to my previous experience in sustainable textiles and materials research, visiting textile trade shows and exhibitions for sourcing materials for my new but ongoing business, and also being a member at the SOFFA team in Athens, there has been a lot of progress and knowledge regarding aspects like ethical and transparency issues in the supply chain. In addition, I had attended a fashion business studies program before. However, the SOFE training programme has proven to be a very comprehensive, well organized and really resourceful for me and my Sustainable fashion brand, offering valuable source material, sharing of knowledge and experience, real issues and concerns, case studies and stories. Since the fashion and textile industries are moving very slowly towards sustainability, I’m very happy to be part of the SOFE community, joining forces and taking action in trying to make the world a better place.


Chrysanthi POLYZONI

Social Fashion Entrepreneur launching the “KidKit” start – up company. Academic in sustainability and Natural Disasters Emergency Management, MSc Geology, MBA Politecnico di Milano, PhD ALMA MATER STUDIORUM Universita di Bologna, life – long learner, e-learning fashion student.

KidKid is a children’s clothing rental service for the holiday period. Our customers will be able to travel without carrying luggage for their holidays. Once lending services have covered expected margins, they are donated to children in need. We will rely on NGO partnerships to develop educational programs for children using our donated clothes in the circular economy context so that they will retrofit up cycling businesses once they are no more in need of them.

My experience with SOFE training programme has been very positive – hence important mostly because of the networking and mentoring sessions. I had the opportunity to speak out my mind and ideas and share them with people having the same values as mine with regards to sustainable growth and social inclusive methodologies linked to human rights, development and dignity. I had the opportunity to interact with people who had the same curiosity and maybe create collaborations in the future. This has been the first time I engaged with a programme which fit perfectly to my needs for sustainability and fashion. I have been introduced to social inclusion best practices and I really look forward to future collaborations with partecipants.



Designer of leather bags, owner of my own brand PRZYWARA-STRZAŁKA.

I design leather bags. All my product are made by hand according to a family tradition started by my gradfather (he was shoemaker). Each piece is made from the finest leather with the greatest care for detail and precision. Every collection is made in a limited annual number.

Unfortunatelly, I don’t have any experience with SOFe.


Svenja Bickert-Appleby

German Service Designer, entrepreneur and researcher, founder of the innovation consultancy Future Flux.

Solostücke is the first German circular kid‘s fashion label.The main product is a hoodie for boys and girls (unisex) in sizes 92-148. For the production of the hoodie second hand material, old jumpersout of 100 % cotton, are used in combination with GOTS certified cotton material. These unique pieces are sold in local stores. The production takes places through the social enterprise: Stitch by Stitch in Frankfurt, which employs refugee women and provides them with work and further education. The customer can decide between buy the product und when he returns it, he gets a reduction in price for a bigger model. Solostücke then provides repair and resells the product so that it circulates as long as possible. This business model also reflects the fact that children are always quickly outgrowing their clothes. The goal is a zero waste production with the big vision of being able to create new fabric out of fabric leftovers to then start the cycle of production again.

The SOFE training programme was a great way for me to rethink my fashion enterprise concept step by step. In enjoyed getting to know other social and sustainable fashion entrepreneurs worldwide and hear about their enterprises and receive their feedback. It felt that it helped me to connect to a great group of changemakers worldwide and to be part of the movement.

The Artisan Project

Karla Rodriguez

I am one of four amazing Ecuadorian women that founded The Artisan Project. All of us met while we were studying at the University of Melbourne in Australia and our profiles fitted perfectly together. After a lot of coffee cups we decided to start a project that could show the culture and talent from Ecuadorian artisans. In the team, I am involved in the quality and value chain of the materials we use in our products from alpaca wool to vegetable fibres.

Founded by four friends, The Artisan Project is a socially-motivated fashion brand that seeks to inspire others to live a conscious and purposeful life by purchasing ethically handcrafted accessories online.

It all started over coffee and passionate discussions that led to a simple idea: entrepreneurship initiatives can create social change in emerging economies. Ecuadorian handicrafts are loved and are appreciated worldwide. However in our country there is an obvious disconnect where ethically responsible artisans are unable to access equal economic opportunities. They often don't benefit from their work due to the lack of fair trade practices. It is our mission to bridge this gap by showcasing beautiful, authentic Ecuadorian handicrafts and supporting the talented local artisans who make them by providing access to the global marketplace. All while simultaneously sharing the vibrancy and rich culture of our country with the world.

We have carefully created a locally sourced collection of high-quality, handcrafted Ecuadorian artisanal goods that combine traditional, indigenous craftsmanship with modern aesthetics and contemporary design. We work directly with the artisans without any intermediaries. Our products transform traditional Ecuadorian goods into statement pieces that transcend our culture and appeal to the global fashion consumer.

We dream big. We aim to be more than just a fair trade showcase of beautiful Ecuadorian handcrafted goods. In the future, we strive to empower emerging artisans by enhancing their creative and production skills through capacity-building activities and collaborative networks. Through this endeavor we also want to tell their success story to the world.

Join our journey to support fair trade and impulse innovation in Ecuador! Follow us to stay up to date with the latest news about our project.

My experience in the program was amazing. It was a complete program since it provided us with the principal bases and knowledge to follow the ethics in our brand as well as the tools to make it more profitable. My favourite module was ¨Transparency matters¨ because it reminded me the importance to stick to our conviction into our social mission as a business.

Instagram: theartisanproject_ec


Dror Noy & Talya Weinberg

A Social Innovation experts, Social Entrepreneurs, Facilitators of change proceed using social technologies focusing on Communities & networks building. Co-Founders of Yumajai. a mixture of Israel & Colombia.

Yumajai is about collaboration and use a co-creation process with local talented indigenous artisans and young promising designers in Colombia to fuse an ancient indigenous craft & art with a modern design approach to generate unique designs. Our collection offers fresh designs while supporting the culture of the indigenous tribes through the preservation of crafts, designs and ancestral wisdom.

We believe that by collaboration and co-creation, we can create unique designs that keep the ethics and the values we want to see & be in the world. The Experience was very usefull for me personally and for our brand and team, first as innovative brand here in colombia there is not much a network and we can work with, so beeing part of SOFE, gave us lots of energy and the feeling that we are not alone with our vision and work. as well the structure helps us to ground our idea and to test them in reality, as well to frame and communicate them to our potential clients and partner. to make our message more clear and sharp. we love that we can to the task in own time and adjust it to our Entrepreneurial schedule. we look forward to meet one day all the participant face to face to we can learn, connect and creat more.

Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union