Survey results

Here you will find the results of the research we had performed in the fashion industry before designing this training programme.

The SoFE training platform has been designed based on the results of an extensive research addressed to the European fashion sector. This research helped us to identify the skills, strategies and competences that fashion entrepreneurs and professionals need in order to become innovators and change makers. We performed an in‑depth literature review to identify the process of co‑creation through existing research studies. We then identified collaborative and inclusive fashion organisations active in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lodz and Athens which we investigated to learn what are the skills and processes that they follow and what are the skills that differentiate the ones that succeed from the ones that failed. We finally broadened our research to the whole population of fashion entrepreneurs to learn from you what are the needed skills to implement the successful strategies for co‑creation and collaboration to achieve social and environmental impact.

SOFE Entrepreneurship Skills Framework

SOFE Cocreation & Collaborative Practices Framework

Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union