Why SoFE

We are excited to introduce the ‘SoFE - European Social & Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur’ project! The main objective of SoFE is to train the prospective and existing fashion entrepreneurs in acquiring a new competitive advantage that will position them in the ethical fashion industry. Fashion industry rose by 2% in 2013, while ethical fashion - by 12%. What’s more, by becoming a Social and Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur you also deliver benefits to your community and the environment. We have designed an incubation e based programme that will help you gain the required entrepreneurship skills to become socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable; we will also train you in the skills needed to become a co‑creator and collaborator in the fashion industry. Our programme aims to change the lives of fashion entrepreneurs and those being at risk of exclusion, such as unemployed youth and vulnerable groups.

Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union